Not All Cosmetic Pencils Are Created Equal

Until Graff*Etch pencils were developed, barbers and stylists were drawing in hair patterns with whatever type of colored product they could find.  They tested all kinds of things like children's face paint, pastels, markers, airbrushing, 99 cent stores items and department store brands.  Some products worked but none of them were ideal.  Color selection, staying power, ease of application and cost were the main obstacles.  Finding appropriate products to try is inconvenient and labor intensive until now.

Payoff is the amount of product deposited during application.  It is the ratio between wax (the base) and pigment color.  If there is not enough color pigment in the pencil, repeating the line maybe required to get the color to transfer.  Payoff varies tremendously between brands.  The creaminess or dryness of a formula must also be determined.  If an eyeliner pencil is too creamy it can leave dark circles and smeared eyes but is perfect in a jumbo lipstick pencil.  Temperature can affect application.  Cosmetic pencils should be applied at room temperature.  If the pencil core is cold, warm it up in your hands before applying or draw a few lines on the back of your hand before using.

Quality of ingredients and amount of pigment affects the cost of a pencil.  Depending upon how the pencil is to be used, manufacturers adjust the ingredients accordingly. Cosmetic pencil cores come in 3 textures; soft, medium and firm.  A pencil that is too creamy will deposit too much product and will need to be sharpened often.  This will waste the pencil.  A pencil that is too hard may flake upon application.  The point can snap off and be uncomfortable for the client.

Stylists and barbers have been using primarily lip liners, eyeliners and eye brow pencils for filling in hair patterns.  All are created with different textures and payoffs.  Each of these pencils perform a specific job and are not ideal for this purpose.

Graff*Etch pencils are specifically designed for filling in hair patterns.  They are formulated for an easy, smooth application of color that will last.  Patterns are carved into the hair with a T Trimmer and etched onto the scalp with a tattoo buzzer and/or razor.  Usually the design is pre-drawn in pencil before it is carved out.  This can save a great deal of time.  Quite often for effect, the hair on the scalp is left layered in some places and shaved all the way down in others.  Therefore the designs are not always applied to smooth skin.  The more complex the design, the more of a challenge it is to fill in the pattern.  For this reason, the core of the Graff*Etch pencils are medium to firm and contain extra pigment.  The eight colors can easily be blended together to create additional shades.  The Graff*Etch pencils have the proper combination of texture, richness of color and ease of application.  Hair art designs and patterns truly "pop" when color is added.

Now go get your "Graff*Etch" on!

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