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The art of Graff*Etch by Stephanie Eisner.

Ever wonder who gets more excited about makuep than women?  The answer... Men do!  That's right, little did we know but while we were so busy lining our lids and getting our hair done; men have been creating their own unique looks with makeup in their hair.  Now that I have your attention, let me explain.

It really started with the break dancers.  For the past year or so, just before a show, the dancers would have their barber etch-out a design or their street name in "graffiti" into their hair.  Then they recently started airbrushing colors into the newly carved out design to make it "pop".  Great idea; until the dancers started jumping around and sweating.  The airbrushed color was dripping down their face and head.  That's when we decided to create Graff*Etch.  Not only will creme pencils not run down the face, but they resist fading even while on the head of a sweaty break dancer!  Application is easy and only takes a few minutes, as opposed to the lengthy messy airbrush procedure.

Barbers are raving about Graff*Etch because now they can do their hair designs with an added touch, color.  It totally enhances the look.  Ask your barber or stylist to etch in a hair design or "street name" of your choice.  Then simply pencil in the carved out areas with colored pencils.  Primary colors will blend beautifully to create additional shades.  The color washes out with shampoo so the pattern can look different every day.

Some of my favorite color combinations are purple, green & yellow and light blue, pink and orange.  The genius part of the Graff*Etch pencil is the sharpener is built right into the cap.  The ease and convenience of the built-in-sharpener allows barbers to save time in application.  All their tools are in one place.  If you've ever been in a barber shop, you know searching for a pencil sharpener in mid application is not an easy task.  Barbers also use the pencils to pre-draw the design before carving it out with a T trimmer.  I've been told first hand that this shaves (no pun intended) a good hour off their hair design time because now they don't have to freehand the design.  Just like a tattoo artist that draws a stencil to follow before tattooing the skin.  It's a definite time saver and offers a colorful visual to work from.

Since the introduction of the idea of Graff*Etch; it has been spreading like wild fire.  The concept has caught onto hair stylists and many individuals; in addition to break dancers.  Teenagers find it to be a harmless, non-permanent way to express themselves.  Women are joining in and asking for their hair to be buzzed down one side of their head, sometimes underneath a cute haircut for a funky yet flexible look. They are requesting designs like stars, hearts & even lightening bolts.  Graff*Etch also looks great in conjunction with a Mohawk.  Hawk the top, buzz the sides, etch your design in the buzzed areas and pencil in any combination of colors.  With Graff*Etch you can even match your head to your clothes.  Be sure to send your clients home with an 8 piece set of Graff*Etch colored pencils so they can fill in their hair patterns themselves between cuts.  Have fun and Graff* it up!